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Founder Profile: Dealpath’s Mike Sroka and the Next Generation of Real Estate Investment Performance

An industry long underserved by software and technology and one of the last to garner the full benefits of digitization, Dealpath...
September 27, 2023

Proda’s AI power: Increasing the value of data for real estate markets

Artificial Intelligence-powered tools have been under the spotlight since the launch of Chat GPT in November 2022. Real estate pr...
September 14, 2023

FinTech: The pivotal role financial services and technology will play in the future of CRE

It’s all connected. Nothing could be truer when analyzing the symbiotic relationship of the financial and real estate markets. Co...
August 30, 2023

JLL Spark’s CVC series, part 1: The goal of corporate venture capital

Corporate venture capital (CVC) has captured our attention for a couple of decades, having started off in high tech companies and...
August 16, 2023

Founder Profile: Infogrid’s William Cowell de Gruchy on the Importance of Smart Buildings 

At JLL Spark, we are excited about the possibilities that the Internet of Things (IoT) brings to commercial real estate. Our port...
August 3, 2023

Building a Sustainable Future: Veev’s Pioneering Approach to PropTech

As sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration for businesses and consumers alike, companies are exploring inn...
July 20, 2023

JLL Spark’s Investment Approach to Sustainability

Every year, JLL Spark Global Ventures reviews and refreshes our investment focus areas. In the past, sustainability had been one ...
July 5, 2023

JLL Spark Investments Drive Innovation for JLL and Our Clients  

The rate of change in today’s business environment poses a huge challenge just to keep up. At JLL, we understand the importance o...
June 21, 2023

How JLL Spark Adds Value as a Strategic Investor  

Since 2018, JLL Spark Global Ventures, the corporate venture capital of JLL and part of the JLL Technologies (JLLT) division, bri...
June 7, 2023

Impact on CRE: What to Expect from the Incredible Rise of AI 

The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) has everyone talking about the possibilities across many industries. The co...
May 25, 2023