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Building a Sustainable Future: Veev’s Pioneering Approach to PropTech

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As sustainability becomes an increasingly important consideration for businesses and consumers alike, companies are exploring innovative ways to reduce their environmental impact. The PropTech sector is no exception, with startups leveraging technology to create more sustainable buildings and workspaces. One such company is Veev, a portfolio company of JLL Spark, which has made impressive strides in the realm of sustainable construction. 

Redefining construction with innovative materials 

Veev has disrupted traditional construction methods by using High Performance Surface (HPS) and light-gauge steel instead of conventional wood and drywall. HPS, a durable material composed primarily of natural minerals and some acrylic polymer, offers myriad benefits including heat and water resistance, easy cleaning, and repairability. Its versatility allows it to be formed into any shape and printed into any textured style. 

Light-gauge steel frames offer superior durability compared to traditional wood framing while significantly reducing waste. Steel is infinitely recyclable, aligning with Veev’s commitment to a zero-waste construction process. This approach has led to impressive results; Veev homes create near zero waste compared to traditionally built homes that generate an average of eight thousand pounds of waste. 

Smart technologies for building a smarter home 

Veev leverages technology at every step of the building process. Their homes are assembled on tech-powered assembly lines that can build a single wall in two hours – a drastic reduction from the 40 hours it takes using traditional building methods. This efficient manufacturing process not only speeds up construction but also minimizes waste and reduces carbon emissions by approximately 50% compared to traditional home builds. 

Furthermore, Veev’s homes come equipped with smart features such as integrated smart home control panels, EV chargers, and dynamic lighting systems that enhance modern lifestyles while promoting energy efficiency. 

Sustainable supply chain practices 

Veev’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its products; it permeates their entire supply chain. For instance, when cutting frames or electrical wiring boxes from HPS panels, the removed material is reused for doors or built-in light fixtures respectively. Any HPS that can’t be reused in a particular build can be melted down and re-formed for future projects without losing any structural integrity. This practice significantly reduces waste while maximizing resource efficiency. 

Why we’re excited about Veev’s future 

At JLL Spark, we believe that sustainability isn’t just good for the planet – it’s good for business, too. Companies like Veev that prioritize sustainable practices are well-positioned for long-term success as demand grows for eco-friendly products and services. 

Moreover, as we highlighted in our recent blog post on our sustainability investment approach, environmental responsibility is becoming an increasingly important factor in investment decisions. With its innovative materials, efficient manufacturing processes resulting in reduced CO2 emissions by 50%, near-zero waste production and sustainable supply chain practices, Veev represents an exciting investment opportunity in the rapidly evolving PropTech space. 

In conclusion, Veev’s pioneering approach to sustainable construction exemplifies how businesses can drive profitability while making a positive impact on the planet. We’re thrilled to support their mission of building higher quality homes faster while minimizing environmental impact. At JLL Spark, we remain committed to investing in companies like Veev that are transforming real estate through technology – creating not just better buildings, but a better world. 

Written by Eddie Carroll, Growth Principal at JLL Spark

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