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Founder Profile: Dealpath’s Mike Sroka and the Next Generation of Real Estate Investment Performance

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An industry long underserved by software and technology and one of the last to garner the full benefits of digitization, Dealpath, a JLL Spark portfolio company, is transforming how real estate investment managers maximize their investment pipelines and portfolio performance. As it turns out, it takes a specific skill set to develop a solution that transforms a traditionally stubborn industry, especially in the complex arena of financial technology (FinTech). 

CEO and Co-Founder of Dealpath, Mike Sroka began his career in real estate finance, and quickly learned how large-scale private equity firms manage their data. He later went on to join a hedge fund, where he was pulled into the world of software development and eventually spent nearly two decades developing venture backed software companies. Mike’s experience in finance, real estate, and software helped him identify gaps and opportunities for efficiency within commercial real estate (CRE), which led to the development of deal management software to address two fundamental challenges: 

  1. Decentralized data 
  2. Specialized and complex workflows and collaboration needs.  

In March 2014, Mike co-founded Dealpath alongside Andy Lee and Kenter Wu. Their goal was to build a differentiated software and data platform that would revolutionize how commercial real estate would transact digitally. The result: a single source of truth for the industry, supporting institutional investors throughout the entire lifecycle, from pipeline to portfolio management, and enabling workflows that operate with speed and precision through easy access to data and flexible configurability. 

Dealpath has continued to optimize their platform to better serve clients and address new challenges within the rapidly changing CRE landscape. As artificial intelligence continues to dominate headlines and disrupt new verticals, Mike and the Dealpath team are committed to leveraging the full potential of machine learning across its robust product roadmap to thoughtfully provide resources and enhanced capabilities. They are also exploring how the platform can be capitalized to further customer sustainability initiatives, providing an ideal space that services climate data and drives corporate social responsibility endeavors forward. 

“The future of real estate investment management and capital markets is more programmatic portfolio management and transaction execution, and it starts with organizing and structuring all of the data that these firms have access to, visualizing it so that they can be more data driven in their decision making, and automating steps along the way,” says Mike.  

JLL Spark’s early investment in Dealpath has proven synergistic over the years with JLL’s broader vision to drive technology across real estate finance. Today, Dealpath’s platform is deployed across LaSalle Investment Management’s Equity and Debt teams for pipeline management, acquisitions, and dispositions among other use cases. As a leading provider of real estate services, partnership with forward thinking entrepreneurs has continued to enable competitive advantages across our business. 

Written by Daniel Correa, Senior Associate at JLL Spark

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