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From brown to green: How JLL’s technology investments help our clients achieve their net zero goals  

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JLL Research recently published “The green tipping point” exploring the growing importance of sustainability in the real estate industry. Increasing demand for sustainable buildings from tenants, investors, and regulators is leading to a shift toward greener practices and technologies across the real estate industry. Rising tenant expectations (especially from corporates who need to meet their sustainability targets), investor/lender focus on sustainability, regulatory pressures, cost savings and the prioritization of health and well-being are all leading to higher demand for low carbon buildings, and a need to decarbonize the existing building stock.   

As a leader in commercial real estate, JLL recognizes the importance of decarbonizing buildings to mitigate climate change and align with sustainable development goals. Our sustainability consulting business works with the largest real estate investors and occupiers to help them meet their sustainability goals. To support these efforts, JLL has made strategic investments in technology solutions to advance our client’s decarbonization pathways. Here’s how JLL’s investments in Carbon Pathfinder, JLL Canopy, JLL Hank, Turntide Motors, and ecoworks are helping to achieve this goal: 

Carbon Pathfinder: JLL’s Carbon Pathfinder is a proprietary tool that enables clients to identify and prioritize energy savings opportunities within their real estate portfolios. Planning the carbon pathway is the first step decarbonizing a portfolio. Carbon Pathfinder helps determine the most effective strategies for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while also prioritizing return on investment, and avoiding stranded assets.  

JLL Canopy: JLL Canopy is a sustainability platform that helps clients to collect, measure, manage, and report on the environmental performance of their buildings. It provides real-time data and actionable insights to assess sustainability goals, track progress, and identify areas for improvement. By integrating energy, water, waste, and carbon reporting, JLL Canopy enables clients to make informed decisions that drive decarbonization efforts. 

JLL Hank: JLL Hank leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously optimize the management of systems of commercial buildings to deliver increases comfort, air quality, and energy savings. Hank plugs into the existing BMS and creates a digital twin that it then combines with occupancy and usage data to more efficiently manage energy and HVAC systems in buildings.   

Turntide Motors: JLL Spark has invested in Turntide Motors, a company specializing in electric motor technology. By replacing traditional motors with Turntide’s smart, energy-efficient motors, Turntide helps reduce energy consumption in buildings. This technology upgrade provides significant energy savings for HVAC systems, fans, pumps and other building equipment, contributing to overall decarbonization efforts. An investment in Turntide motors can have a payback period of under two years, generating a very high return on investment. 

ecoworks: JLL’s investment in ecoworks demonstrates its commitment to advancing sustainability in the construction industry. ecoworks serial renovation can take a very inefficient building and bring it to carbon neutrality in just a few weeks. ecoworks does this by installing new walls and windows over the old walls, upgrading the roof, adding solar power, and replacing oil and gas heating with heat pumps.  Tenants can remain in the building while the renovation occurs. ecoworks also generates a high ROI for investors.   

Through these and other investments, JLL aims to drive innovation, promote sustainability and address the challenges of climate change in the built environment. In the coming months and years JLL Spark will make new sustainability investments that will provide further innovation for our clients and enhance our ability to help our clients decarbonize their portfolios. By leveraging technology, data, and industry expertise, JLL is actively helping clients decarbonize their buildings, reduce energy consumption, and achieve their sustainability goals. 

Written by Sean Wright, Investment Principal at JLL Spark

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