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How JLL Spark and JLL Technologies’ Alliances help drive PropTech startup success

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One of the key benefits of securing an investment with JLL Spark Global Ventures is the opportunity to be part of a portfolio of startups with the potential for representation and referrals to JLL internal divisions, JLL clients, and other direct customers. This collaboration is facilitated through the coordination between JLL Spark and the JLL Technologies Partnerships & Alliances (‘Alliances’) team. By leveraging Spark and harnessing the power of Alliances, startups can propel their business forward, gaining access to potential growth, global market reach, and lucrative reseller and referral agreements with JLL. This enables opportunities beyond mere capital investment.  

JLL Spark, the corporate venture capital arm of JLL, is dedicated to empowering innovative PropTech founders. Since 2017, the fund has invested over $390 million in more than 50 startups spearheading real estate transformation across various sectors. By combining the strengths of the startup world with JLL’s profound history in the real estate industry, JLL Spark provides distinct advantages that set ambitious entrepreneurs on the path to success.  

Partnering with JLL Spark grants you access to JLL’s robust global network and extensive distribution channels. With a presence in 80+ countries, JLL’s expansive reach and long-established relationships open doors to extended markets and emerging opportunities. Accessing our worldwide client base, industry expertise, and market insights, offers the necessary ecosystem to rapidly scale your business and achieve accelerated revenue growth. Together, we will propel your startup’s business expansion plans.  

JLL Spark and Alliances recognize the critical importance of market validation for your startup’s success. By working alongside Alliances, we can evaluate the fit between your solution and the needs of JLL’s clients, determining the best path to unlocking additional revenue. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that only startups poised for success proceed, (and for those not yet ready, Spark’s growth team is there to assist). Equipped with JLL’s strategic support, marketing assets, and sales enablement, your company will have the opportunity to engage with both JLL’s internal business lines and its clients. Our goal is to support your startup from the time of investment; through growth, and ultimately, into an established market leader.  

It is through structured reseller or referral agreements negotiated with Alliances that your startup gains direct access to JLL’s extensive client base and benefits from our established credibility and reputation. We will guide you through a mature and detailed go-to-market process, ensuring thoughtful integration of your product or service into JLL’s commercial selling organization. This approach offers an opportunity to expand your customer base and revenue streams while strengthening your startup’s brand.  

As PropTech entrepreneurs, you develop solutions with the power to positively impact the commercial real estate world. At JLL Spark, we invest not only in your growth but also in your development through guidance, mentorship, and valuable resources meticulously tailored for success. Become part of a flourishing community consisting of other market-leading startups, industry experts, and forward-thinking investors, and help shape the future of PropTech.

Written by Bill Schulze, VP, Partnerships & Alliances at JLL Technologies

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