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Spark Notes – April 25, 2024


JLL’s recent article “The green tipping point” highlights the real estate industry’s rapid shift to  incorporate sustainable practices and technology. Occupiers and investors are demanding greener buildings, while owners are sprinting to keep up with ever-evolving regulations to decarbonize existing structures. With a plethora of PropTech solutions in the market, it can be intimidating to merely identify which product – or mix of products – is the right approach for any given consumer. Fortunately, JLL Spark has curated a portfolio of high-performing tech startups to guide the way.
Read more about our strategic investments that support our client’s decarbonization journey in From brown to green: How JLL’s technology investments help our clients achieve their net zero goals.
What’s new with our startups

Liberty Mutual Reinsurance (LM Re) and Safehub Launch Exclusive Partnership
Congratulations to our portfolio company! The new collaboration offers Safehub’s sensor-based solution to LM Re clients worldwide.
Commercial Observer’s Spring State of Office Forum
May 16, 2024 | New York, New York
HqO’s Co-founder and CEO Chase Garbarino is a speaker at this in-person event.

Insights in the media from JLL

Japan’s property market is most active in APAC, JLL says
JLL’s Head of Capital Markets Research Pamela Ambler discusses property investment trends in the region.
Big CRE Firms Keep Investing in Proptech Companies
JLL is a leading example of CRE firms driving change for the industry through corporate venture investing.

Connect with our team at the following events

AIM Congress
Abu Dhabi, UAE | May 7-9, 2024
Sonia El-Sherif is speaking on the panel “The Single Person Risk: A Dive in the Hidden World of the Startups.”
CREtech London
The Magazine London | May 8-9, 2024
Christian Ulbrich and Raj Singh will open the event with a discussion on the transformative impact of AI on CRE. Arnaud Bouzinac and Sean Wright will attend.
LA First Look Retreat
Los Angeles, California | May 9, 2024
Laurent Grill will attend.

Learn more about the current landscape of PropTech investing

National Coalition Launches Turnkey Building Decarbonization Program in 9 Major U.S. Cities and Counties | April 11, 2024
Towards zero-emission buidlings by 2050: Council adopts rules to improve energy performance | April 12, 2024
Better heat pumps for commercial buildings are coming soon | April 15, 2024
Big Tech Is Downsizing Workspace in Another Blow to Office Real Estate | April 16, 2024
New York’s First Electric Skyscraper Promises Luxury With Lower Emissions | April 18, 2024
CoStar Group to Acquire Matterport, Global Leader in Immersive 3D Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence for the Real Estate Industry | April 22, 2024
Why the AI Industry’s Thirst for New Data Centers Can’t Be Satisfied | April 24, 2024

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