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Spark Notes – February 29, 2024


PropTech, similar to every segment of the real estate industry, must contend with the nuances of each major market. Carolyn Trickett, Growth Principal at JLL Spark, provides an overview of the Asia Pacific CRE landscape and its position for immense growth. What are the trends in tech adoption and what are the barriers for investment?
Learn more about the regional trends and challenges in our latest blog post: The commercial real estate Industry in Asia Pacific – part 1.

What’s new with our startups

Nine Construction Tech Solutions Leveraging AI to Distrupt the AEC Industry
Congratulations to OpenSpace for landing on BuiltWorlds’ list of AI tech solutions that innovate the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry!
BuiltWorlds’ 2024 Building Tech 50 List
HqO is on the list of 50 most implemented solutions according to BuiltWorlds’ 2024 Building Tech Survey data and market research.

Insights in the media from JLL

How real estate listings and potentially jobs are shifting to AI
Laurent Grill, Partner at JLL Spark, and Or Hiltch, JLL’s Chief Data & AI Architect, are quoted for their expertise on AI in CRE. 
JLL CEO: Commercial real estate market has pretty much bottomed-out for high quality products
Christian Ulbrich joins CNN’s ‘Money Movers” to discuss JLL’s quarterly earnings results, demand stabilization, and investing in PropTech via JLL Spark.

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The Montgomery Summit
Santa Monica, California | March 5-6, 2024
Laurent Grill will attend.

GCVI Summit
Monterey, California | March 12-14, 2024
Raj Singh and Ajey Kaushal will attend.
Cannes, France | March 12-15, 2024
Arnaud Bouzinac and Sean Wright will attend.
Los Angeles ESG & Sustainability Commercial Real Estate Conference
Los Angeles, California | March 20, 2024
Laurent Grill will attend.

Learn more about the current landscape of PropTech investing

The Surprisingly Difficult Task of Organizing Real Estate Data | February 18, 2024
CRE Market Woes Mount as Assets Get ‘Stranded’ By CO2 Rules | February 19, 2024
Why VCs are Betting Robotics Will Help Build Your Home | February 23, 2024

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