‘They Monetized Change’: Big Commercial Brokerages Reach Deeper Into New Realms

Raj Singh is looking to invest in construction robotics. That’s not head-turning news for the head of a typical venture capital firm, but that’s not where he works. 

Singh is a San Francisco-based managing director of JLL Spark, the technology investment arm of the Fortune 500 commercial real estate services giant that can trace parts of its company back to 1783. It’s not exactly an obvious move for JLL, primarily known for brokering office sales and leases. To Singh, however, it makes perfect sense.

“There’s only two strategies in the world: bundling and unbundling,” he said. “We’re currently going through a bundling phase. Our scope has expanded greatly, we’re looking at things much more far afield.”

Published on
November 16, 2021

By JLLT Technologies