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Spark X: Pioneering the future of corporate venture studios with JLL  

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Welcome to Spark X. Founded in 2021, Spark X is the embodiment of innovation and strategic growth within the JLL family. Where JLL Spark Global Ventures excels in identifying and investing in groundbreaking startups, Spark X takes a hands-on approach, building transformative solutions from the ground up. Through our unique focus on solving big problems, building superior solutions, and targeting expansive growth markets, Spark X is not just about investing in the future; it’s about building the future. 

How Spark X works: Criteria for innovation 

At Spark X, our methodology is grounded in three fundamental criteria: identifying substantial opportunities or problems for JLL, crafting solutions that surpass market offerings, and ensuring these solutions have the potential to grow into billion-dollar companies. Spark X is best suited for technology surface areas adjacent to the core business where we see the potential for both product value and equity value. This approach is exemplified by the inception story of Amazon Web Services (AWS), a venture that transformed a significant internal challenge into a global powerhouse, contributing to half of Amazon’s trillion-dollar valuation. Similarly, Spark X seeks to uncover and capitalize on such transformative opportunities within and beyond the realm of real estate. 

Our process: Identifying and building solutions 

Our journey begins with deep dives into JLL’s operations and businesses, identifying areas ripe for innovation, from streamlining processes to tapping into underserved markets. Spark X explores, validates, and builds from scratch. This hands-on approach allows us to address JLL’s challenges directly. 

The Spark X team: Builders at heart 

Our team is our backbone — a diverse mix of founders, product engineers, and market specialists with proven track records in creating and scaling successful ventures. Our team’s expertise spans FinTech, SaaS, and consumer technology, ensuring a rich foundation for fostering innovation and driving growth. 

Maximizing vendor relationships and building for scale 

Leveraging JLL’s extensive vendor network and focusing on operational efficiencies and employee satisfaction, Spark X has initiated ventures like Mesa and Caltana to enhance vendor payment processes, and Navable and to improve employee onboarding and retention. These initiatives underscore our commitment to enhancing the ecosystem for both JLL and its partners. 

Funding: A strategic approach 

Spark X benefits from the agility of a startup with the backing of a substantial investment pool funded by JLL. This unique position allows us to support our ventures with strategic investments, fueling ambitious projects without tapping into JLL’s core operational resources. 

Looking ahead: Areas for future exploration 

Moving forward, Spark X is keenly focused on exploring areas where technology can dramatically increase productivity, enhance operational efficiency, and drive significant cost savings. By developing platforms that not only improve but also expand access to JLL’s services, we aim to create a more efficient, cost-effective, and forward-thinking ecosystem. 


Spark X embodies JLL’s commitment to innovation, leveraging the corporation’s resources, market presence, and industry insights to build ventures that address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. As we continue to grow and evolve, Spark X is not just creating companies; we are setting the stage for the next wave of industry leaders, ensuring they are well-equipped to transform the commercial real estate landscape and beyond. 

Written by Dave Feller and Leonard Speiser, Partners at Spark X

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