Alexander Quinn


Alexander Quinn is the Senior Director of Research for Northern California at JLL. He has over 20 years of economic analysis experience and specializes in real estate development, economic forecasting, and urban regeneration. Quinn leads commercial real estate research efforts for JLL’s Northern California region, providing insights on prevailing commercial real estate demand, regional economic dynamics, and shifting business behavior that shapes our built environment.

Quinn has advised both developers and tenants on site selection, building recommendations, and strike price for office, lab, research and development, and multifamily projects in Northern California. Quinn also develops the North America tech report which identifies the top 30 markets for tech companies in the US and Canada.

Quinn has served as expert testimony to the US Congress to first explain the economic contribution of water infrastructure to the national economy and in a second testimony to explain the potential national loss in GDP should our national water system fail. 

Quinn has worked on multiple feasibility studies for clients in the Bay Area, including the Downtown Berkeley Feasibility Analysis for the Downtown Berkeley Area Plan. He has also worked on numerous international development projects, including in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. He has led infrastructure and economic policy analysis efforts, including an analysis of the economic impact of SB375 to the State of California and the Central Market Economic Strategy which won a national economic development award. 

Quinn is a professor at UC Berkeley where he also received his Masters degree in City and Regional Planning.

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