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Unlocking the Future of Work: Building an Engaging Workplace with HqO

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The workplace has permanently changed, and now more than ever, companies are searching for creative solutions to provide a better experience for their employees. From hardware solutions like occupancy sensors to software leveraging artificial intelligence for energy management, the technology segment is rapidly growing with innovative products to help companies create healthy, sustainable, and engaging work environments. One such solution is HqO, an early investment in the JLL Spark Global Venture Fund and a JLL Technologies partner. 

HqO is a tenant experience platform that enables companies to create an immersive and engaging workplace. It allows occupiers to centralize their employee resources in one place to help companies thrive in the hybrid era whether employees are in or away from the office. By leveraging HqO, companies can create a sense of community and foster stronger employee connections. This is critical for maintaining productivity, building company culture, and ensuring inclusion for a dispersed workforce. 

HqO is not just a standalone platform; it integrates with other technology solutions to provide a seamless experience for employees. For example, JLL’s case study with BESIX NL highlights how HqO is integrated with the building’s access control system to allow employees to access the building and their workspace with a simple tap of their phone. This integration simplifies the entry process for employees, and provides valuable data for decision-makers in their journey toward an optimized portfolio. 

Moreover, HqO can provide access to on-site amenities such as gyms, cafes, and bike storage, making it easier for employees to use these services and create a more engaging experience. Additionally, it can provide a range of other resources, such as access to health and wellness platforms, learning and career platforms, or community tools. 

By leveraging HqO and other innovative technology solutions, companies can create an environment that engages employees and enhances productivity. The world of work is changing, and it’s time for companies to adapt. By embracing innovative solutions like HqO, companies can create a modern workplace that attracts and retains top talent.  

In conclusion, the future of work demands that companies take a fresh look at their workplaces to make them more attractive to top talent and retain employees. HqO is a powerful tool that can help JLL clients achieve this goal. By providing a central platform for all employee resources and integrating with other technology solutions, HqO delivers a seamless experience for employees while generating valuable data for decision-makers. As an early investment in the JLL Spark Global Venture Fund and a JLL Technologies partner, HqO benefits from JLL’s global reach and deep expertise in the commercial real estate industry to enhance its go-to-market capabilities. This unique relationship enables JLL clients to leverage HqO’s innovative solution and create a modern workplace, ultimately leading to increased productivity, stronger company culture, and greater employee engagement. 

Download HqO’s latest report The State of Workplace Experience in 2023 for insights on strategies to improve the future of work. 

Written by Eddie Carroll, growth principal at JLL Spark

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