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2024 PropTech forecast from the JLL Spark team

Ajey Kaushal, Senior Investment Associate  Given multiple geopolitical conflicts and major elections in key countries (USA, ...
January 17, 2024

JLL Spark Global Ventures: Pioneering the future of real estate through innovation 

Technological advancements are transforming industries at an unprecedented rate, and the real estate sector stands to benefit tre...
January 2, 2024

Year-end reflection from JLL Spark

Hello! It’s the happiest season of all! The JLL Spark team made our 2023 predictions on January 5th this year, and it’s time to s...
December 20, 2023

CVC series, part 4: JLL Spark brings more than money

It’s no secret that the best startups get to pick their investors. Rather than desperately seeking venture money, they have multi...
December 7, 2023

American vs. European PropTech investment 

The rise of property technology, or PropTech, is unquestionably a global driving force in the real estate market. While the funda...
November 22, 2023

JLL Spark’s CVC series, part 3: What sets us apart

In the world of venture capitalism, corporate venture capital funds (CVCs) play a pivotal role in driving innovation and nurturin...
November 7, 2023

JLL’s Global Technology Survey: JLL Spark investments align with client and investor tech focus 

In the face of challenges within the VC market and the persistent uncertainties of the broader economic landscape affecting the c...
October 25, 2023

JLL Spark’s CVC series, part 2: Achieving financial and strategic returns

In a recent blog post, JLL Spark introduced our corporate venture capital (CVC) series, and discussed why corporations establish ...
October 11, 2023

Founder Profile: Dealpath’s Mike Sroka and the Next Generation of Real Estate Investment Performance

An industry long underserved by software and technology and one of the last to garner the full benefits of digitization, Dealpath...
September 27, 2023

Proda’s AI power: Increasing the value of data for real estate markets

Artificial Intelligence-powered tools have been under the spotlight since the launch of Chat GPT in November 2022. Real estate pr...
September 14, 2023